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Kedah/Penang Properties Properties
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Internet Selling Training

Do you believe?
  • We have 17,000,000 potential customer in Malaysia?
  • 7 of 10 potential customer will buy the product that they search for,once they satisfied with price offer.      

What is internet selling?
Selling your product online through own website or other selling platforms

Who should attend?

Who are looking for huge income
Who wish to be a boss

Why online business?
Minimum operating cost
Flexible working hour
Small investment with huge return
World trend-Most of the people like to shop online

Where to find Effective Online Training Provider?
Evergood Management Service, why?
More than 3 years actively in running an online business
Gives good practical experience to individuals
Provide adequate information that helps to understand all the online marketing 
basics and things essential to make big in online business
Able to make visitors visit their sites repeatedly and surely order some product.

Program Overview
What is internet selling?
Why people want to buy online?
Who is our customer?
What products to sell?
Which website to sell our products?
How to sell and advertise our products?

Program Objective
Able to sell in ebay and one of the top selling platforms in Malaysia

Able to identify what internet user looking for and how much they willing to pay 
Able to build an efficient website or blog
Able to presence online and receive higher traffic to their website or blog

Course Contents

Module 1:Basic of selling in Ebay
  • How to Navigate the eBay Website
  • How to Register for eBay and PayPal Accounts
  • Selling Formats and When to Use Them
  • eBay Auction Fees
  • eBay Listing Policies
  • Sales, Packaging & Postage Procedures
  • Taking Photos & Cropping for Your Listings
  • Feedback: When and How to Leave It
  • Bid Retractions & Buyer Protection
  • What to do About Unsold Items & Non-Paying Bidders

Module 2: How to set up blog
  • Define your niche
  • Name your blog
  • Choose a Blog Host
  • Create your Blog with Blogger
  • How to check stat of blogger and improve the traffic
Module 3: How to start selling on internet
  • Internet Selling Trend 2010
  • What should I sell on the Internet
  • How to create online store
  • Website Ranking and Traffic

Module 4: How to sell in one of the top selling platform in Malaysia
  • Create a store at top selling platform
  • Listing product for sales

Course Duration

15 hours

Course Fee

RM1200 per person 

Course Included

[] The Basics of Selling on eBay Student Guide
[] Create an own website/blog
[] Selling in one of the top selling platform in Malaysia
[] Refreshment
[] 6 months of phone support after the training

Course Schedule

19. December 2010

About the Trainer

Mr. CC Lim is an online business consultant. He has experience 
in conducting numerous training sessions and workshops for online 

Over the years, Mr Lim has been doing well in his online business 

and would like to share his experience in how to make huge income
 with low investment in online business.